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The Mission of the Haitian-American Community Coalition of Southwest Florida a (501(c)(3) not-for profit organization) is to promote social justice, education and human rights for Haitian-Americans by:

Increasing awareness and addressing the issues and needs surrounding the local Haitian-American community.

Advocating for legislation to increase the allocation of resources to the Haitian-American  Community. 

Registering Haitian-American voters and promoting voter turnout.  

Endorsing candidates that support the well-being of the Haitian-American community and encouraging candidates of Haitian heritage to run for public office. 

Supporting and promoting local businesses that are invested in the Haitian-American community.


The vision of the Haitian-American Community Coalition of Southwest Florida is to improve the quality of life of Haitian- Americans in Southwest Florida. By increasing participation in the  political process, Haitian-Americans can:

Gain political power by increasing voter registration to further the common good of the Haitian-    American community.

Unite the Haitian-American community to achieve social equity in the allocation of educational resources,  health care and job training.
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