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  • Spoken at public meetings and appeared on local media to advocate for the issues and needs of the Haitian-American community.

  • Registered new voters in the Haitian-American community.

  • Organized political forums and endorsed local candidates.

The Haitian-American Community Coalition of Southwest Florida was born in August 14, 2015 when three individuals came together to create an organization to empower the SW Florida Haitian-American community.


We work diligently to give voice to our often “invisible demographic” through the promotion of increased community participation in the political process. We have:



We are dedicated to promoting quality of life by distributing valuable financial, health care, and job training information. We have:


We care deeply about Education. We want to ensure that all children are provided with the proper tools for academic success and that they have the opportunity to pursue a post-secondary education. We have:


  • Celebrated Haitian Heritage Month with HACC-sponsored events such as our annual community health fair.

  • Sponsored immigration workshops.


  • Presented helpful community information resources

  • Held Galas to raise money for post-secondary academic scholarships for Lee County 12th graders of Haitian heritage.

  • Heightened awareness in the Lee County School District of the necessity of supplying more resources to meet the needs of our mono-lingual children, including the recruitment of Haitian-Creole-speaking ESOL teachers and provisions for testing our ESOL students in their first language.

Watch a video of our achievement.
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